We offer a wide range of engineering services to meet your project needs. Our expertise covers Fire Protection, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC, Engineering Studies, and Additional Services. We are dedicated to delivering innovative and effective solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and functionality. Whether you need design, assessment, or project management, our team is here to provide the support and expertise necessary for your project’s success.

FIRE PROTECTION: Safeguarding Your Facilities

Trust our experienced team to provide reliable and effective fire protection solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your facilities.

Fire Alarm and Life Safety Upgrades: Upgrade your fire alarm systems and life safety measures to ensure the highest level of protection.
Fire and Life Safety Evaluations (FLSE): Comprehensive evaluations to identify potential risks and ensure compliance with fire safety standards.
Fire Pump and Fire Sprinkler Systems: Design and implementation of advanced fire suppression systems to protect your property and occupants.
HFD Unsatisfactory Fire Inspection Report Remediation: Expert assistance in addressing and resolving issues identified in fire inspection reports, ensuring your buildings meet all fire safety requirements.

ELECTRICAL: Innovative and Efficient Solutions

Rely on our dedicated team to provide high-quality electrical services that cater to the evolving needs of your projects.

Electrical Service Upgrades: Enhance your electrical systems to meet current standards and future needs.
Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers: Install state-of-the-art EV chargers for convenient and eco-friendly charging solutions.
Emergency Generator Systems: Design and implement systems to ensure an uninterrupted power supply during emergencies.
FPE and Zinsco Breaker Replacements: Replace outdated and unsafe breakers to ensure electrical safety and reliability.
IT Infrastructure Design: Develop robust IT infrastructure to support your technology and communication needs.
Lighting and Control Systems: Implement advanced lighting solutions for energy efficiency and optimal control.
Security Systems: Enhance security with Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Video Surveillance systems.
Solar Photovoltaic Panels: Install solar panels for sustainable energy generation and reduced energy costs.
Submetering Systems: Implement submetering for accurate energy usage tracking and billing.

PLUMBING & HVAC: Comprehensive Solutions for Comfort and Efficiency

Trust our experienced team to deliver top-notch HVAC and plumbing solutions that cater to the specific needs of your projects, ensuring functionality and comfort in your spaces.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Assessments and Design: Ensure optimal climate control and indoor air quality with tailored HVAC solutions.
Plumbing and Piping Replacements: Address issues in your plumbing systems, from outdated components to water efficiency and safety enhancements.

Engineering Studies: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Leverage our expertise in engineering studies to make informed decisions and maintain the reliability of your systems.

Arc Fault and Short Circuit Assessments: Identify potential hazards in your electrical systems to prevent accidents and ensure safety.
Electrical Capacity Assessments: Evaluate your infrastructure’s capability to meet current and future electrical demands.
Electrical Equipment Infrared Scanning and Condition Assessments: Detect issues in electrical equipment before they lead to failures, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
Plumbing Assessments: Assess the condition and performance of your plumbing systems to prevent leaks and other issues.
Troubleshooting Services: Address a variety of challenges, including Circuit Breakers Tripping, Equipment Issues, Hot Water Systems, and Voltage Issues, to maintain system reliability.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Meeting Diverse Needs Beyond Core Engineering

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, extending beyond our core engineering offerings to provide holistic solutions.

Notice of Violation Remediation: Resolve regulatory issues and ensure compliance with local codes to avoid penalties and disruptions.
Opinions of Probable Cost: Receive detailed cost estimates for your projects to aid in budgeting and financial planning.
Project Management and Construction Administration Services: Ensure smooth and efficient project execution from start to finish with our expert management.
Roofing Replacements and Trash Chute Replacements: Address essential maintenance and upgrades for your building infrastructure to ensure safety and functionality.


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